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Craig Dunkerley


What we Did

The owner of Vaughan Industrial Supply approached BG Marketing Authority looking to completely re-design and build their website.

The client is a well respected expert in the finance field and has helped many people develop successful wealth strategies that work. The client wanted a website and an online presence that mirrored what he was doing as a consultant so that he could help more people on a global scale.

We created a website that highlighted the services and expertise that the client was well known for and we also started his online presence where he would be able to reach out to more people that needed guidance in establishing wealth strategies

The Deliverables

  • Website design – desktop & mobile
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Branding & strategy
  • Live-Stream webinar
  • Email marketing
  • Print Design
    • Business cards
    • Speaker sheets

The Results

A professional website and online presence that focused on our client’s expertise and knowledge on subject matters that many people were seeking guidance and consultation in. Having a strong and credible digital presence increased the clients online visibility and he is now able to consult with individuals in different countries and is being hired for speaking gigs.

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- Vaughan Industrial Supply
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