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Award-winning marketing firm specializing in branding & designing, strategic and relevant creative marketing strategies to help your business grow.

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Julia Elefano

CEO and Partner of BG Marketing Authority

Craig Dunkerley
Craig Dunkerley

Partner of BG Marketing Authority

Claudia Harvey
Claudia Harvey

Partner of BG Marketing Authority

Tanya Trachtenberg
Tanya Trachtenberg

Marketing Coordinator/ Account Manager

Sophy Khon
Sophy Khon

Creative Content Manager

Carmen Villadar
Carmen Villadar

Digital Strategist

Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell

Digital Media Specialist

Tiffany Elefano

Graphic / Digital Designer


Website & Media Designer / Developer

Jordon Dunkerley
Jordon Dunkerley

Digital Media Coordinator

This could be you!
Aracelli Martinez


This could be you!
This could be you!
Leading company

Why work with us

Self motivated

We love what we do and we are passionate about helping our client's grow and achieve their goals.

International experience

Our team is strategically versed in different languanges and cultures to bring a more relatable approach on how we engage.

We meet deadlines

Time is important to us and we strive to meet all our deadlines.

Sustainable design

We don't create generic design, our team of professional creatives will help you find a cohesive design and a creative storyline.

Attention to detail

Our employees love their job and they will give hand crafted attention to all your business requests.

At BG Marketing Authority, we pride ourselves on being an award-winning, full-service creative marketing firm based in Canada. We specialize in crafting unique branding, designing, digital marketing, web development, creative content, and innovative virtual event solutions that are tailored to help our clients’ businesses grow.

With years of industry experience and a team of highly experienced professionals, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our team includes some of Canada’s top financial and corporate networking specialists, as we are a part of the BG Accounting and Business Solutions Group.

Our goal is to help businesses establish a strong online presence and reach more customers through comprehensive solutions that cater to their unique needs. Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business, our team of experts has the skills and knowledge to take your brand to the next level.

Don’t wait any longer to take your business to new heights. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow with our tailored marketing solutions.

About Us
BG Marketing Authority is an innovative marketing agency providing Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses with business strategy & marketing solutions to grow their businesses.
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Julia brings it all together. With over 23 years of work/life experience, her style incorporates a unique blend of Marketing, Design, Operational and Business Planning. Aside from wearing multitudes of hats as an entrepreneur, co-founder and corporate communicator, technical designer and corporate planning strategist Julia has worked in a variety of companies from large telecommunication conglomerates, to mid-size marketing firms to small IT start-ups. With a critical eye towards all things visual, including web and multimedia design, she ensures that your messaging and branding not only look professional, but reflect your unique goals and strategy. She maintains a positive, creative and strategic mindset that will yield striking and effective results. Nominated for 2020’s Top Marketing Professional, Julia will strategically guide her clients to maximize their potential.

Julia’s sweet spot: Delivering creative design and effective branding to elevate companies and individuals.

Craig Dunkerley is the CEO and Founding Partner of BG Wealth Group, a group of companies consisting of BG Property Holdings, BG Accounting and Business Solutions, and BG Marketing Authority. All the companies share a common goal, which stems from Craig’s passion to help others: Achieving financial freedom, personal and business growth, and overall success. An award winning expert investor and international best selling author, Craig Dunkerley is a sought-after financial specialist and international speaker who inspires others to emulate his success to maximize their wealth. Craig’s extensive tax and investment knowledge which he shares with his clients comes from his hands-on experience investing in real estate and equities..

Craig’s sweet spot: To help people from all walks of life strategically maximize their success through financial empowerment.

Read more about Craig at craigdunkerley.com
Claudia Harvey is the Founder and CEO of Dig It Apparel® and President and Founding Partner of BG Wealth Group, a group of companies consisting of BG Property Holdings, BG Accounting and Business Solutions, and BG Marketing Authority. Claudia works closely with the BG Wealth Group team to ensure clients are provided cutting-edge business strategies, innovative financial wealth opportunities, and the essential elements necessary for personal and business growth. A sought after international speaker, she has shared events with personalities such as Tony Robbins, Pitbull, David Chilton. In 2019, Claudia was awarded the Top Female Professional Award by New York’s International Association of Top Professionals and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the UK’s Corporate LiveWire. She also joined Oprah Winfrey and other notable influencers as a contributing author of America’s Leading Ladies. An active Philanthropist, she is an Advisor of Sonas and created the BG Scholarship Fund to enable an underprivileged youth a year to attend University.

Claudia’s sweet spot: To enable business growth and expand wealth.

Read more on Claudia at claudiaharvey.com

Tanya bridges communication and strategy. She helps align and define marketing initiatives with sales. She focuses on specific calls-to-action that drives our clients’ business goals.

She integrates a customer’s sales journey through storytelling using the digital medium.

Tanya’s sweet spot: Aligning key business goals with consumer intent and behaviour.

Sophy is a digital maverick. He has a traditional art background combined with a solid foundation of technology and design. He is a pioneer of digital art, web development, animation and motion design. Clients love his attention to detail, special effects and relentless efforts in producing professional and sophisticated creative pieces, videos and reels.

Sophy’s sweet spot: Moving people by moving pixels! Sophy is a technology savvy and creative video story teller.
Carmen lives and breathes digital. She’s an android evangelist and an early adopter of social media, using it for brand engagement and community management back in 2007. She has run her own digital company and understands the need for connecting and engaging with your followers in real time. Best of all, she understands how to integrate community engagement with marketing, advertising and public relations initiatives. And she knows that developing a digital strategy that makes use of a well-designed website that integrates with specific social media platforms to help amplify short- and long- term goals. Clients also look to Carmen for the data analytics that tie into the digital and social initiatives.

Carmen’s sweet spot: online community building

Sean immerses himself in the aesthetics of life. He thrives on applying leading edge technological concepts to his creative work flow. 

He is our Director of Photography.

Sean nurtures and cares for his family of succulents.  He is knows as the #succulentscientist.

Sean’s sweet spot: Combining artistic cinematography elements with tactical strategy.

Tiffany is our creative stylist. She is an expressive artist and a big picture thinker who is passionate about details in design. Her talent is bringing presentations, ads, logos and branding materials to life. Tiffany is also an actor and voice over professional, who is as good in front of the camera as she is editing behind the scene! This allows her to connect effectively with both traditional and digital audiences.

Tiffany’s sweet spot: Turning concepts and ideas into works of art.

Jared applies engineering principles to website design. He ensures that a balance of content placement and visual elements are synergistic. His first language is Elementor.

Jared is a licensed Pilot. All we need is a corporate plane. He also navigates through five levels of string, as he harmonizes chords on his guitar.

Jared’s sweet spot: Integrating content and design elements that help navigate the user experience towards a client’s main destination … a call-to-action.

Tiffany is passionate about using social media and UX strategies to help find online growth solutions for our clients. 

Tiffany’s modelling experience allows her to move fluidly, behind the scenes and in the marketing front lines.

Tiffany’s sweet spot: Creating relevant graphics that communicates deep sentiment.

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